Poly Lumber Recycled Amish Outdoor Patio Furniture Berlin Gardens

Amish-Crafted Poly Outdoor Furniture

  • Made from 96% recycled material Learn more
  • Durable, solidly built, and weather-resistant
  • Custom-made at the time of purchase
  • Smooth feel
  • No cracking, splitting or bacterial growth
  • UV stabilized and fade resistant color that goes through material
  • Made in the USA

Made from recycled high density polyethylene and designed to achieve the perfect blend of aesthetics, comfort and durability, this fabulous collection of outdoor furniture and accessories comes in a rainbow of juicy colors and natural finishes that will compliment any personal style and decor.  Poly lumber makes strong, comfortable outdoor furnishings without the hassles typically associated with upkeep - it's easy to care for, needs no painting, and can withstand harsh weather.

Each collection is designed to be strong.  Welded aluminum frames under table tops, heat-bended curved components, and thicker material for support pieces are used.  Extensive strength and durability testing is done as products are designed...making certain you receive the strongest, longest-lasting furniture possible.


Poly Furniture Recycled Content Commitment

Poly furniture recycled plastic furniture is made from 96% recycled content, with the majority coming from post consumer milk bottles collected in community recycling programs.  Here's an overview of how a milk bottle is recycled and given a new life as an Adirondack chair, which will last a lifetime.

  1. Milk bottles are collected at community recycling centers, baled and shipped to Tangent Technologies where the transformation begins.
  2. Sorting ensures that only the highest quality plastics continue through the recycling process.
  3. Every milk bottle is ground, washed, melted and cooled to produce purified plastic pellets, which are tested to maintain the highest quality control standards.
  4. The pellets move to a plastic extruder at Tangent where they are remelted and shaped into precision-cut plastic lumber.
  5. This recycled plastic lumber is transformed at Berlin Gardens manufacturing plant into a range of beautiful Amish-made poly furniture.