Pro Program Highlights & Benefits

1. Your own personal crony/homey/compadre/confidant/chum

Translation.... You'll get an exclusive and dedicated account rep that will be your personal source of contact for ordering, pricing, troubleshooting, product questions, weather predictions, marriage therapy, restaurant recommendations, sports talk, and more.

2. Straight-up, more brass in your pocket

Translation....Straightforward special pricing with additional price discounts on volume orders

3. Mi casa es su casa...our crib is your crib

Translation....We welcome our contractors to use our showroom as a workspace to meet with their clients.  This makes it easier to show them different samples of products as well as additional products they can purchase to complete their project.

4. Thingamajiggers, dohickeyes, & whatchamacalits...oh my

Translation....Don't know what that gizmo on your client's grill does or why it broke?  Don't worry...we'll help you with that and gladly give you all the glory with hassle-free replacement parts still under warranty.

5. We might be hoarders 'cuz we gotta a lot of stuff onsite

Translation....Our newly built 7,500 sqft warehouse houses a lot of stuff...I mean a lot a lot.  So, not only do we have more products available to you when you need them, we can serve you faster and more efficiently.

6. We're like Uber Eats but with a moffett

Translation....Expedited backyard delivery and moffett service no matter if your project is on the eastside, westside, northside, or Valley City side.

7. Ain't no party like a West Coast party

Translation....Just in case you missed it...because it bears matter if your project or business is in the 216, 440, 330, 234, or 419, we deliver there....and quickly.

8. Yada yada're going to eat good food and learn

Translation....There's nothing we love more than tapping the Kegerator, serving delicious yum yums, and seeing your business grow and prosper.  From hands-on training to learning on your own time, our contractor training seminars are designed specifically for you to give you new product information, troubleshooting skills, and great ways to save on labor.

9. Granny slappin' good

Translation....You get exclusive offers, sales, and promotions.  That's all I got for this one.  It's weak, I know.

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