Outdoor Ice Maker Ohio

Blaze Ice Maker

Outdoor entertaining is more enjoyable and convenient when you have everything in your outdoor kitchen.  This outdoor ice maker eliminates unnecessary trips inside to get ice for your beverages.  The ice maker also includes a self cleaning mode and convenient one button operation.  It features an in-line water filter which filters out impurities, ensuring the ice production is free of contaminants.  It is made from durable stainless steel and features a reversible door to suit your specific needs.


  • Produces up to 50 pounds of cube shaped ice per day with a 25 pound storage capacity
  • Energy Star rating ensure operating efficiency
  • In-line water filter and percolating cold plate ensure clean ice production
  • Adjustable leveling legs are included to ensure your even sitting
  • Digital temperature control concealed behind door for additional protection
  • Interior light makes things easy to find and features a "cool blue" color lighting option
  • The reversible door option allows a left or right door swing
  • ETL approved for outdoor use

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