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Building and Landscape Supplier in Avon Lake, Ohio

Backyard patio fire pit

Fire Pits Avon Lake Ohio

From square to circular, wood burning to gas, bowl to a table, a fire pit is a great way to add warmth, magic, value, and appeal to your home.

Backyard landscape with outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Avon Lake Ohio

Outdoor kitchens are rapidly becoming the most popular component to any outdoor living area.  They are a great backyard entertaining spot for social gatherings and a relaxing place for friends and family to share a meal.

Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding

Manufactured Stone Avon Lake Ohio

Manufactured stone veneer create a lasting impression that is durable and versatile.  As a decorative building material that is made to replicate the look of natural stone, it's unique design elements will help transform your home into an expression of your dreams.

Backyard fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace Avon Lake Ohio

As the centerpiece of your outdoor living space, outdoor fireplaces can become a true extension of your home.  They are unique in that they can be used as stylistic elements and can be crafted to match your home's character and personality.

Natural stone ledge steps

Natural Stone Avon Lake Ohio

The beauty of natural stone has withstood the test of time.  It’s distinctive statement, durability, and natural appeal has made it a popular choice among homeowners.

Scupper shear waterfall

Water Features Avon Lake Ohio

The tranquil sounds of water, trickling down a meandering stream nestled in between flower beds or rushing through natural stone boulders from a cascading waterfall, can create another layer to your landscape and transform it into an outdoor oasis - allowing you to relax, unwind, and enjoy after a stressful day.

White vinyl outdoor structure

Gazebos Avon Lake Ohio

Gazebos are a fantastic enhancement to any outdoor living space.  Their genuine beauty and exquisite craftsmanship allow all those who step inside of them to be transported to a private escape.

Paver stone steps

Pavers Avon Lake Ohio

Pavers are a beautiful and long lasting addition to any backyard.  Add distinction and function to your home and let your imagination run wild to create an outdoor landscape as unique as you with paving stones!

Indoor contempory electric fireplace

Fireplace Avon Lake Ohio

Offering an escape from the weather outside or even just life's hectic moments, no other heating appliance can provide the coziness and warmth of dancing flames and glowing embers.

Front entry exterior path lighting

Landscape Lighting Avon Lake Ohio

Enjoy the ambiance of your outdoor living into the evening by illuminating your landscape and putting it on display.  Garden lighting highlights your landscape design and draws attention to your home's architecture.

Landscape with wood pergola

Pergolas Avon Lake Ohio

Pergolas are outdoor, overhead structures supported by posts with an open frame of beams and are an affordable way to expand your home's outdoor living area.  They can be used to define a space, provide shade or privacy, accentuate an entryway or passage, or just simply add character to your garden.

Stone Veneer Avon Lake Ohio

Stone veneer creates a lasting impression that is durable and versatile.  As a decorative building material that is made to replicate the look of natural stone, it's unique design elements will help transform the home of your dreams to reality.

Stone Engravings Avon Lake OH

From address stones and boulders to masonry engraved entry signs and pet memorial bricks,  we are experts at custom cut stone fabrication and engraving.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Avon Lake OH

Make the outside of your home as beautiful as the inside with our beautiful Amish crafted assortment of patio furniture.  Perk up any outdoor room and decorate your deck with low maintenance and weather resistant poly furniture.